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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



The GSOC has earned a shared first place position with Winston-Salem in the Eastern Division after our third race at Beech Mountain February 11-12, 2017.  We look forward to the Sugar 2 race in two weeks to push ahead to retain our first place status. 

Saturday’s slalom offered ultra mild temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s with fog and clouds that settled around Beech mountains 5545 ft. vertical that offered line of sight for about three gates.  Division 2 started first with a slightly technical set.  Luckily we were able to salt the course to retain a hard surface throughout the race.  Division 1 started an hour after with a much more technical track with poor visibility and “divot” ruts.

Sundays GS conditions mirrored Saturday but only warmer.  Fog and clouds came in and left for the first half of racers on Division 1 then let up for the rest of the day.  A set between 20 and 25 meters between GS gates along with some late ruts favored smooth racers on longer boards.  Division 2 started and ended with overcast conditions with on and off rain in flat light.  Division 2 used Division 1’s track as it had the most salt and harder surface.   Chad Hooks, our visually impaired athlete finished his first timed runs this season!  Chad and his guide Roger Brown decided to let Chad go first with Roger following, giving Chad instructions through an inside the helmet speaking/hearing device.

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Beech race February 11-12, 2017:

Jake Laroe—Third, flight 1 Slalom, First GS

Dan Shurkus—First, Flight 2 Slalom, Second GS

Liz Beadle—Third, flight 2 GS

Blake Justice—Third, flight 4 Slalom

Doug Laroe—First, flight 5 Slalom

Keegan Clary—First, flight 8 GS

Phillip Clary—Second, flight 11 GS

Darren Smith—Third, flight 13 Slalom

Jukka Kayhko—Third, flight 13 GS

Mathew Smith—Third, flight 14 Slalom, second GS

Gareth Williams—First, flight 17 slalom and GS!!

Congratulations to Stuart Williams on qualifying to race during the slalom event.  

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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



Mother Nature has not cooperated this season so far.  Our first race @ Appalachian in December was warm and rainy.  Our Sugar 1 race had temps as low as -2 with a wind chill of -25!

The GSOC race team is currently tied for first after our second race of the 2016-2017 season at Sugar Mountain January 7-8, 2017.  We are tied with Winston-Salem in The Eastern Division.  Too many no shows and folks that did not show up on time made for a tough weekend.

Saturday’s 8:55 start for slalom was in the teens.  On and off fog coupled with snow-making made vertigo part of the main attraction.  Ruts formed after only 5 racers in both divisions causing panic among all athletes except the ones without fear.  Vision was poor due to fog and light snow which made it hard to navigate on the ultra-steep Division 1 race on Gunthers Way, by far the steepest race course in probably the USA.  Division 2 was set up on Big Birchless as Oma’s Meadow was not groomed yet.  We had two new racers qualify to race for the GSOC on Oma’s Meadow: Garreth Williams and David Freeman.

Sundays Division 1 GS set was at the same start area as the slalom.  -2 temps and -25 wind chill made everyone bundle up like a stuffed sausage.  More fog, wind gusts and snow blinded the first run.  A tight course actually improved on the second run.  Division 2 fared a little better condition wise.  Hardly anyone free skied after the race.  Personally, I got mild frostbite on my left toes…hard to race with popsicle toes!  Please come out to our next race at Wintergreen January 28-29.  This is a fine resort only 3 hours 15 minutes from Greensboro.

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Sugar 1 race January 7-8, 2017:

Jake Laroe—Second, flight 1 Slalom and GS

Doug Laroe—First, flight 6 slalom

Tim Smith—Third, flight 7 slalom, Second GS

Dan Walsh—First, flight 8 slalom

Ayden Johnson—Third, flight 8 Slalom

Roger Brown—First, flight 9 GS

Mark Blakely—First, flight 10 Slalom

Steve Shea—Second, flight 13 Slalom, First GS

Brooks Freeman—Second, flight 14 Slalom, First GS

Abby Miller—Second, flight 15 Slalom

Darren Smith—Third flight 16 Slalom, first GS

Mathew Smith—First, flight 17 GS

Kilee Blakely—First, flight 18 Slalom 

Special congratulations to newly qualified GSOC racers:

David Freeman

Garreth Williams

Ayden Johnson 

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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



The GSOC race team earned an official sole first place after many podiums on slalom day at Appalachian Mountain December 17-18, 2016.  We almost matched this performance at Sundays GS but fell back a few points behind the Winston-Salem team.

Saturday’s 9:30 slalom start for Division 2 was overcast and fairly warm with temps in the low 50’s.  Lots of salt pellets melted, then hardened the snow surface after setting up for an hour to let racers carve on a fairly dense surface.  After a total course re-set for Division 1, the surface remained fair and fun with comments like “can you believe how the course help up in 50 degree temps?”  Luckily it was wind free with intermittent sunshine.  Sundays GS challenging, fog, intermittent rain with temps in the 50’s turning a little colder later in the day.  We decided to wait an hour to let the main rain storm pass, then GAME ON!  Division 1 started first with a surprisingly fast and firm surface after more salt preparation.  A very easy, fast set favored the athletes with old school line and tactics.  Division 2’s conditions were just as good but plagued by timing mechanism issues. 

The next race is Sugar 1, January 7-8, 2017.  Please think cold weather thoughts for the new year so we have enough snow to race on in a few weeks!

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Appalachian race December 17-18, 2016:

Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 Slalom and GS

Dan Shurkus—Third, flight 2 GS

Will Spradling--Third, flight 2 Slalom

Liz Beadle—Second, flight 3 Slalom, first GS.  Officially “Hot woman” on the hill both days!!

Tom Spradling--First, flight 5  Slalom

Doug Laroe—Second, flight 5 Slalom

Blake Justice—Third, flight 6 GS

Garry Whitaker—First, flight 6 Slalom and GS

Hailey Thomas—Third, flight 7 Slalom

Greg Thomas—Second, flight 12 GS

Sharon Horton—Second, flight 14 Slalom, third GS

Hunter Howerton—Third, flight 17 Slalom, First GS

Congratulations to Darren and Mathew Smith who both qualified to race at Appalachian on their first attempt.  Welcome to the team!   

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Posted by on in News


Knowing Emily Wilson.  A Tribute.

 I don’t really remember meeting Emily; it just feels as if I’ve always known her.  Active and involved she just seemed, to quote Warren Miller, to be Here, there and Everywhere.

Emily had a quick wit and intellectual curiosity that defied convention.  Her pioneering spirit took her to places most of us only dream about.  When she developed a love of Smith Mountain Lake, she bought a boat and moored it there.  When she wanted to improve her skiing ability, she went to Steamboat.   When she wanted to use her medical training for unique purposes, she ventured to base camp at Antarctica- twice.  And finally, once her ability was where she wanted it, she moved to ski mecca Colorado.  ‘Here, there and Everywhere.’

Emily had grit.  When she first joined the GSOC she was a beginning skier.  But that didn’t stop her from joining the race team.  Learning to ski as an adult, an over-30 adult, she practiced, raced, and practiced some more.   I don’t think I have ever seen anyone work as hard as Emily to improve their skiing ability.  If ever the GSOC had a Most Improved Skier it was Emily.   Grit, True Grit.

She had a solid sense of self, knew who she was and what she wanted.   You always knew where you stood with Emily.  What you saw was what you got.  She pulled no punches and suffered no fools.    Maddening at times, she was also barrels of fun.  We led a trip together to Lake Tahoe—to this day it’s one of my fondest memories.  Her fun-making and impish grin was infectious. 

When I heard she’d moved to Colorado, I knew she was right where she wanted to be.  Now she’s soaring freely among the peaks and spires of the world’s tallest and snowiest mountains.  I’m sure of it. 

Here, there and Everywhere. 

Soar in Peace, Emily.  GSOC will remember you. 

Linda Pickl

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Posted by on in News


Well, I’m not sure what happened to the warm weather but I’m not thinking about snow again just yet.

In case, of course, I’m thinking about any of great ski trips the GSOC is offering in 2017 namely Valle d'Aosta, Italy and Copper Mountain, of course.  We’ll be taking early sign-ups soon so check the website.

Meanwhile, I don’t want to get too far beyond the bowling season without a  big thanks to members and subs of our four bowling teams.  It was a great run, topped by hostess extraordinaire Barbara Greene for a superbly catered (by her) season-ending party!!    I’d also like to recognize the contribution of Dave Rewerts who kept all the math straight and conferred this year’s achievement awards:  High Series Scratch- Men:  Bob Montle; High Series Scratch- Women: Barbara Greens; High Average- Men: Neil Brogden; High Average- Women: Donnalea Flynt; High Game Handicap – Men Bob Montle; and High Game Handicap – Women: Eileen Kennedy.  Anyone wishing to join the team, please let Dave know.  

Moving forward with some of the many ideas and opportunities gleaned from the Crescent Ski Council Spring Convention at Myrtle Beach, the board is looking at new trips and activities and improvements to old trips.  We heard from the usual western resorts as well as some new Northeast Ski Centers who have new and improved facilities, lifts, restaurants, etc. to report on.  They are trying for some new ski clubs and it may be time to give one of them a try for a shorter, easier ski.


Please feel free to contact me with any ideas and/or suggestions: president@gsoski.org or call 336 316-0450.


Linda Pickl, GSOC President


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Posted by on in News


It is with great anticipation that I take on the office of president of the GSOC.  I have always had great regard for the club and the people in it.  The club offers numerous opportunities for world travel, sightseeing, skiing, recreation and comradery.  

My goal is to maintain this tradition and build upon it to broaden our offerings and provide activities and destination trips that best serve club members.  So let us hear from you!  We welcome your input!

I would like to thank David Hanner and Dumont Bunker for their past service to the club and welcome Van Tanner to the board as local trips director.  He has lots of ideas for the coming year!

I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with those members I haven’t met and reacquainted with those I haven’t seen in a long time.

We are living in challenging times and I hope to make the club a fun and memorable place to be.   So plan ahead now to be active, engaged and present for our activities! And please don’t hesitate to call or contact me!  I would love to hear from you!

Sincerely yours,

Linda R. Pickl

GSOC President


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Posted by on in News

The GSOC lost a dear friend and longtime member yesterday.  Mike Durant passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at his home.

I’ve known Mike and Nancy almost the entire time I have been a member of the GSOC.  Nancy was treasurer when I was president many years ago. Her beloved husband, Mike, was one of the most industrious and motivated individuals I have ever known.  No challenge was too small or task too big for him to tackle.

When Mike and Nancy decided to move to Greensboro and build a new home, he got his contractor’s license.  When doing their taxes became more complex, he sat for the CPA exam.  When he wanted to get serious about his favorite avocation, flying, he not only got his pilot’s license - he bought his own airplane.  And most recently, he sat on the advisory council of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Greensboro and was a major fundraiser for the new Royce & Jane Reynolds Family Center under construction at 400 W. Whittington Street.  The list goes on.

A native southerner, Mike put the “gentle” in gentleman. He had a heart of gold and mentored and supported the dreams and ambitions of his and Nancy’s many nieces and nephews.

His favorite saying was always, “Life is Good.” And if you were fortunate enough to know Mike and Nancy Durant, life WAS good!!

Arrangements are incomplete but will be handled by Forbis & Dick Funeral Service.

Sincerely Yours,


Linda Pickl

GSOC President


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Posted by on in Ski Trips

GSOC Innsbruck, February 5-13, 2016

by Trip Leader, Martha Abernethy


Our February trip to Innsbruck, Austria was a delight in so many ways:  the skiing, the sightseeing, the eating but most of all - the folks on the trip.  Sue Auffinger reports:  We took the free ski bus to Kuhtai. There is a quaint ski village at the base of the slopes with restaurants, hotels and shops - very family friendly.  Another day we took the train from Innsbruck Central train station to St. Anton.  The place is massive and only 51 Euro for an all day pass. The views are spectacular.  Train travel was easy and cheap.

We also skied Patscherkofel,which is very close to downtown Innsbruck.  The scenery is beautiful and the slopes very well groomed. The Olympic Men's downhill course from the 1976 Olympics took place on Patscherkofel. (Remember the famous Franz Klammer run?)  Steve skied it (but did not beat Franz' time, LOL)  The Igls Bobsled run is also located in Innsbruck.  We saw the last training run of the Women's 2 man Bob of the World Cup competition. Up close and personal!

The rest of us explored Innsbruck.  Beth Livingston and Camille McDowell proved themselves masters of organization and use of the Innsbruck Card!  We visited Nordkettle with its Igloo, the Alpine Zoo, the Imperial Palace and Gardens, the Ambras Castle, the Cathedral of St. James, the Bergisel-Schanze ski jump and restaurant, the Golden Roof and all the fantastic restaurants of Old Town.  Outside of town we experienced the Swarovski Museum - a mind-blowing collection of crystals that I can't begin to explain.The Berggreens from Atlanta discovered a fantastic Greek restaurant that hosted 3 different groups of our clan as family - along with many shots of ouzo.  Wow!

Several day trips included Salzburg, Venice for Fat Tuesday and a tour of Castles.  Our tour guide and coach driver were fantastic and well prepared - a lot of fun, also.  I wish I could detail those days - not enough room in the e-blast.

Every evening we'd gather in the lobby/bar and swap stories and plan dinner.  This group of old friends and new friends mixed and mingled and got along just great.  It was a pleasure taking them to Innsbruck.  We had a small reunion at the Chili-off.  What a fun group.

Mark your calendars for March 3-11, 2017.  Steve Auffinger has asked me to pull together a ski with fun/games for the Aosta Valley in Italy.  Check out this website www.lovevda.it/en.

We'll be back with you in late April with details.

In the meantime, please take time to enjoy the Innsbruck Photo Album on our GSOC website!

Martha Abernethy


336 655 5240

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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



Unfortunately, this is the last racer BLOG of the 2015-2016 CSC Race Series season.  I am proud of the GSOC team that focused hard to retain the cup but came in 6th out of 12 teams this weekend.  We will continue to focus more and more on developing our young racers and families and anyone else that wants to learn to race and have fun. 

For the sixth year in a row, the CSC decided to run all races in one day.  Two runs of GS in the morning, then two runs of Slalom in the early afternoon.  It takes great athletes to become fit enough physically and mentally to compete.

For GS, the 9:45 start offered overcast skies and temps in the high 20’s and no wind: Very nice conditions for both divisions with a narrow fast set.  Mostly grippy ice that gave everyone confidence carving turns.

Starting at 1:30 for Slalom, conditions stayed the same but softened just a bit.  The Division 2 course was set narrow and fast.  The division 1 course was as technical as possible:  A four gate flush, 3 hairpins and 60 gates overall.  Quite the work out and kind of like a World Cup set less flat terrain.

Prizes were given out for podium winners in GS and Slalom.  Trophy’s were given out for combined times for GS and Slalom in both divisions.

SPECIAL NOTES:  Jake Laroe won the Ralph Tate award with the fastest overall time for all runs this weekend at 172.27 seconds.  For this achievement, Jake won a pair of new Head skis.  The guy that came in second had 179.02 seconds.  In addition, Jake also won the Tom Broughton award for most points accumulated for a male during the regular season: 167 points.  For this achievement, Jake won airfare and a training package to Steamboat in December!

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third and combined time trophy at the Crescent Cup race March 5:

Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 GS, First Slalom, first place combined trophy.

Trevor Thomas—Second, flight 1 slalom, third place combined time trophy

Doug Laroe—Second, flight 5 GS, First slalom, First place combined overall trophy

Garry Whitaker—Third, flight 5 Slalom

Landon Clary—Third, flight 6 GS

Hailey Thomas—Third place combined overall trophy

Caity Burnham—Second, flight 11 GS

Roger Brown—Third, flight 11 GS and Slalom, Second place combined overall trophy Craig Taylor—Second, flight 12 Slalom, Second place overall combined trophy

Kristy Clary—Second, flight 14 GS, First overall combined trophy

Steve Shea—Second, flight 14 Slalom, Third place overall combined trophy

Hunter Howerton—Third, flight 16 Slalom

Race Results

Giant Slalom Results (PDF)

Slalom Results (PDF)

Combined Results (PDF)

Team Results (PDF)

Memorial Awards Recipients (PDF)

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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director




The GSOC has earned a fourth place in the Eastern Division after our fifth and final race at Sugar Mountain February 20-21, 2016.  We hope to take some frustrations out in two weeks trying to maintain the possession of the Crescent Cup at Silver Creek March 4-6 that we earned last season. 

Warm and wet Saturday with temps in the low 40’s let both divisions don a rain jacket or wind breaker to try and tame the “snow cone” ice conditions.  Luckily, the division 1 course was salted and decent terrain held up for most every racer on slalom day.  Many tops of single pole slalom gates actually stuck in the snow rather than bouncing back...a phenomenon that I have never seen before.  Greensboro took the day and beat all eastern division teams by two points!

Sunday’s GS mimicked Saturday but warmer and more wet, around 51 degrees offered slush.  Luckily, Sugar put down a nice blanket of salt to try and harden each course.  It worked for the first run, but not so much on the second run.  The severe fall away course set on Division 1 was kind of mean spirited with gate distance around 18-20 meters.

Even division 2 had shorter distances between gates and a wide set which caused ruts and many, many DQ’s.  Light fog came in and out for both divisions.

BTW, we had 38 racers in the cue this weekend, THE MOST GSOC RACERS EVER!

Congratulations to the following newly qualified GSOC racers!:

Gina Farfour, Lee Blakely, Keegan Spradling (8)

Congratulation to each and every team member and their parents and friends for supporting the team this year.  You only get points in life IF you participate.  That’s the key folks: join up no matter what your age, learn a new skill, perform, smile and earn a pair of socks for the effort!  Hope to see everyone next season and some new faces…

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Sugar 2 race February 20-21, 2016:

Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 Slalom, Third GS!

Dano Shurkus—First, 2 Slalom, third GS

Doug Laroe—Second, flight 5 Slalom

Tom Spradling—First, flight 6 Slalom

Dan Walsh—Second, flight 6 Slalom

Garry Whitaker—Third, flight 6 Slalom, First GS!

Hailey Thomas—First, flight 9 14 Slalom and GS!

Caity Burnham—Second, flight 10 GS

Mark Blakely—Second, flight 12 Slalom

Phillip Clary—Third, flight 13 GS

Steve Shea—Second, flight 14 Slalom

Brooks Freeman—Second, flight 15 Slalom

Kip Blakely—First, flight 16 Slalom, Second GS!

Abby Miller—Second, flight 18 Slalom, First GS!

Hunter Howerton—Second, flight 18 GS

Kilee Blakely—Second, flight 19 Slalom and GS!

Race Results

Saturday Results, February 20, 2016 (PDF)

Sunday Results, February 21, 2016 (PDF)

Team Results, February 21, 2016 (PDF)

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Posted by on in Race Team

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



The GSOC remains in fourth place in the Eastern Division after our third race at Beech Mountain February 6-7, 2016.  We look forward to the Sugar 2 race in two weeks to hopefully re-gain some points for a podium finish for the season.  

Saturday’s slalom offered mild temperatures just above freezing with sunny, then cloudy then sunny skies.  Division 2 started first with a wide open, fun and slightly icy set.  Previous nights snow making left golf ball sized ball bearing in some spots to navigate.  Division 1 started an hour after with a little more technical and still icy track.

Sundays GS conditions mirrored Saturday but a bid milder.  Slightly cloudy weather came in and left for the first few racers on Division 1 starting at the top shack on Robins Run.  Exactly 20 meters between all GS gates along with some late ruts favored smooth racers on shorter radius boards.  Division 2 started crystal clear then ended in cloudy conditions and flat light.  Chad Hooks, our visually impaired athlete finished his first timed run this season!  Chad and his guide Roger Brown decided to let Chad go first with Roger following, giving Chad instructions through an inside the helmet speaking/hearing device.    

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Beech race February 6-7, 2016:

Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 Slalom

Trevor Thomas—Third, Flight 1 Slalom

Garry Whitaker—Third, flight 4 Slalom

Dan Walsh—Third, flight 5 Slalom

Roger Brown—Third, flight 8 GS

Caity Burnham—Third, flight 11 Slalom

Mark Blakely—First, flight 13 Slalom

Steve Shea—First, flight 15 GS

Kip Blakely—Second, flight 16 Slalom

Kilee Blakely—Third, flight 17 Slalom

Race Results

Saturday Results, February 6, 2016 (PDF)

Sunday Results, February 7, 2016 (PDF)

Team Results, February 7, 2016 (PDF)

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GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



The GSOC remains in fourth place in the Western division after the second race of the season at Appalachian Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC.  Club place standings are not important when family and life situations remain the number one priority.

Saturday’s 9:30 blue bird slalom start was fairly only slightly chilly with starting temps around 35 degrees.  Tree shadows covering the course and a heavy dose of salt on the course proved to be a winning combination for all racers minimizing ruts and holes.  Kudos to the Appalachian staff for being friendly and racer proficient.  Everybody had a smile on their face before during and after competition due to the fun set.

Sundays GS offered the more mild temperatures getting up to 55 with no breeze.  People were skiing in shorts.  The great weather brought our partially sighted athlete, Chad Hooks who put forth an excellent effort surpassing his capabilities.  The race crew was able to salt the course once again to minimize ruts and bumps.  After the granulated snow cone ice was scrapped off, hard snow underneath persisted all day to the enjoyment and benefit to all.

Congratulations to Kip and Kilee Blakely who qualified to race for the GSOC on Sunday and to Jukka Kayhko on Saturday!

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Appalachian 2 race January 30-31, 2016:

Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 slalom, and First GS.  HOT man on the hill two days in a row!

Ray Berggreen—Second, flight 1 slalom

Dan Shurkus—Third, flight 2 Slalom, third GS

Will Spradling—First, flight 3 slalom

Doug Laroe—Second, flight 5 Slalom

Dan Walsh—Second, flight 7 Slalom, third GS

Craig Taylor—Third, flight 11 Slalom

Phillip Clary—Third, flight 13 GS

Sharon Horton—Second, flight 14 Slalom

Race Results

Saturday Results, January 30, 2016 (PDF)

Sunday Results, January 31, 2016 (PDF)

Team Results, January 31, 2016 (PDF)

Special Message to Team Member Jeanne Laroe....

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GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director



Mother Nature has not cooperated this season so far.  Our first race @ Appalachian December 19-20 because it was 70 degrees in Blowing Rock that weekend.

The GSOC race team is currently in fourth place after our first race of the 2015-2016 season at Sugar Mountain January 9-10, 2016.  We are nine disappointing points back from the first place Winston-Salem club in The Eastern Division.  We had only a few racer bright spots as soft conditions reeked havoc on our carvers.

Saturday’s 9:00 start for slalom was 40 degrees.  Light wind and overcast conditions made the bumps and ruts even harder to see and navigate on the ultra-steep inaugural CSC race on Gunthers Way.  By far the steepest race course in probably the USA with Mt. Hood conditions for the first 40 racers (frozen, frozen granular) gave way to step ruts, bumps and terrain features more suited to mountain climbers.  Division 2 was set up on Big Birchless as Oma’s Meadow still offered a grass slope.  Conditions were great and the race finished at 10:15.  We had two new racers qualify to race for the GSOC on Oma’s meadow on their first try: Mark Blakely and Brooks Freeman.

Sundays GS set on an ultra-steep pitch with overnight rain offered even worse conditions.  Most of our racers couldn’t figure it out and DQ’d by losing a ski or skiing out.  We don’t do too well when we can’t carve turns.  Temps started at 35 with a little mist, the wind picked up then sun, then sleet, freezing rain, then fog, then sun, then snow and then the bad weather started.  We promise to hit the reset button!  Please come out to our next race at Appalachian January 30-31 view the race from the deck or see it next to the course.

Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Sugar 1 race January 9-10, 2016:

Ray Berggreen—Third, flight 1 GS

Trevor Thomas--Second, flight 1 Slalom

David Lippucci—Third, flight 2 slalom

Will Spradling—Second, flight 3 Slalom

Tom Spradling—Third, flight 5 Slalom

Doug Laroe—First, flight 6 slalom, Second GS

Tim Smith—Third, flight 8 slalom, Second GS

Caity Burnham—Second, flight 10 slalom

Greg Thomas—Third, flight 12 GS

Kristy Clary—Second, flight 14 GS 

Special congratulations to newly qualified GSOC racers:

Brooks Freeman

Mark Blakely

Also, Congratulations to Jake Laroe who placed FIRST out of 267 at the Steamboat race camp in early December!! 

Race Results

Saturday Results, January 9, 2016 (PDF)

Sunday Results, January 10, 2016 (PDF)

Team Results, January 10, 2016 (PDF)

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Thanks to all our Board Members as well as Linda Fields and Elsie Bell for making our Christmas Party such a success. If you attended the party I know you will agree that their hard work resulted in excellent results. Our December warmth makes it hard to believe that a number of our fellow club members are skiing as I write this! If I hadn't seen postings by our former president, George Nauman, I would hardly believe it! Meanwhile back at the home front, our Copperheads are hoping for continued Rocky Mountain snowfalls and our Innsbruck Internationalists are waiting for their European Fasching or Mardi Gras (which incidentally means Fat Tuesday in French). For our unlucky stay-at-homers, bowling will be available starting in January (continue to check the web-site for updates). Elections are coming up soon. If you would like to serve on the Board next year, please let me or any other board member know - there are many opportunities to serve. Here's hoping the Merriest of Holidays to everyone!

David Hanner

GSOC President 


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Skiing is just around the corner - in fact, it has already started in Aspen and several other resorts out west. The GSOC Race Team is ready for the upcoming season hosting the only Greensboro showing on December 4 of Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows. Do not forget to grab tickets for you and your family members!  Our Copperheads are waxing their skis and our Innsbruck skiers are double-checking their passports!  However, what about the rest of us?  Well, there is the once a year opportunity to re-connect other members at our fabulous Holiday Party and (hopefully) our Winter Bowling League.  We need an absolute minimum of twelve bowlers so please give this opportunity your consideration, particularly if you have never been in a league before.  Then there are our upcoming socials and our Chili Cook-off, so keep checking the website's calendar.  Please keep in mind that there will be several opportunities to serve on the board next year and give some thought about serving your club as a board member.

David Hanner

GSOC President 


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I was glad to find out that both our Innsbruck and Copper Mountain trips are "good to go"!  If you would like to go on either of these trips, do not give up!  Sign up on the waiting list for Copper and let Martha know if you are interested in going to Innsbruck - you may be able to go. Do not miss Darrell's party in September.  Your BOD is planning a big time, fun-fest for all and I, as well as the rest of the Board, want to give a special thanks to Darrell for allowing us to party at his ESTATE (!) again this year.   Good news on the membership front as well.  We now have increased our membership over the last twelve months.  Please keep in mind that an increased membership means that we will be able to offer additional activities as well as provide additional opportunities to meet new friends for both the membership as well as the new members.

 Fall is just around the corner, and your Board is looking forward to presenting our annual Warren Miller film, so stay tuned for details.  We are also planning on a new and exciting visit to a new (for Greensboro) location for our western ski junkies.  Try to quiz your Board Members at Darrell's party for the location!  First person to guess wins a chance to run for the office of their choice for the upcoming Ski Club year!

Do not miss the party at Darrell's, bring a guest if you would like, and if for someone reason we do not know each other, please seek me out. I would love to meet you.


David Hanner


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Our recent hot weather has probably driven snow skiing off the radar screen for all our skiers, but NOW is the time to sign up for the Innsbruck trip.  If you've "fired-up" your computer in the last week or so, you've seen the "boiler plate" advertisement with the "red hot" soon  to expire, initial price guarantee, so don't get any "half-baked" idea of letting this opportunity go by.  Sign up now and avoid the chance of getting "burned" in July or August.  My Name That Member was a rousing failure - with one entry (which correctly identified the member), so I'm going to take this month off from trying to challenge the membership.

Winner of May Name That Member – Hal Boyle

David Hanner


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Summer is almost here and many of us have exchanged snow skis for water skis and headed for Belews Creek.  But don't give up on your ski club!  We've got some special events scheduled for this summer so continue to visit our website.  By now, you've probably noticed our trip to Austria has been set.  If you've never experienced skiing in Europe (and at an Olympic site), this is not a trip to be missed.  Not into skiing?  How about visiting Mozart's birthplace or Venice for Mardi Gras?  Want to stay local?  Don't miss the Fasching (Mardi Gras) parade in Innsbruck. Want to go a few days earlier or stay a few days longer?  How about a pre or post stay in Munich and a visit to the Hofbrau House?  No matter what your preferences are, Innsbruck should be just the ticket!

I'm sad to report that I had no response to last month's President's cornball.  I'm not sure whether no one read my message last month or didn't think my cornball was worth comment. Either way I'm suspending cornball until further notice.

A new feature for your consideration.  

In an effort to make our newsletter more fun and enable you to know more about your fellow ski club members, we're going to try a new feature, NAME THAT MEMBER!  Clues about a member will be provided and it's up to you to identify the member.  The member's name will be given the following month.  If you would like to be the mystery member, submit your clues along with your name to the webmaster webmaster@gsoski.org.

This month's challenge:

He has been a member of the ski club for over 30 years.

He learned how to ski in Germany.

He's skied in seven different countries.

He's one of the very few club members to have skied in Arizona.

He was always a better runner than skier.

Will you accept the challenge?  NAME THAT SKIER!

David Hanner, GSOC President



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We have lots of exciting events coming up.  Some events have not been finalized so keep checking back on our website.  Now that winter is over, skiing is over until next season and our skiers are already thinking about next year.  Our Copperheads and wanna be Copperheads are already starting to sign up for next year and your Board of Directors hopes to have the February, 2016 trip to Austria plans finalized soon. Our Bowling League is over for the year and has seen some great bowling and some not so great bowling.  We're heading into our annual summer slowdown and many of our members are exchanging snow skis for water skis and thinking of white beach sands rather than snow white champagne runs, but don't worry Old Man Winter will return!  Your Board is still in need of a Secretary so if you'd like to find about the behind the scene operations of your club in a position that usually requires no more than four hours a month, please let me know or simply show up at the next Board meeting.

This month I am going to start a new monthly President's message feature and its future will be determined by your feedback.  This feature will be called Cornball of the month. So here goes - Why do most skiers not use drugs?  Because they get high enough on the slopes! 


David Hanner, GSOC President


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Free events I would like to mention that are coming up and will be great fun for meet up of GSOC members.  I will give more information on our meeting locations as time progresses and, as planning is in the works.

  • April 16 is the first evening of City Market held on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  A free event with live music, food vendors, and art and crafts, and all refreshment.  There are also several restaurants adjacent to the location at South Elm St. The event begins 5:30 to 8:30 PM featuring Music by Lawyers, Guns and Money

http://www.gsocitymarket.com/   (event, schedule)

  • April 26 Jazz at the new Gateway Gardens off of I-40/ I-85 at 2924 E Lee St.  Music event 12:00 5:00 PM.  I have not been to this event before but, it sounds worth checking out.

http://greensborobeautiful.org/   (events)

  • May 21 begins the 12th annual event of Bill Blacks Beach Music Blast Concert Series supporting the Children’s Home Society of NC.  The event time is 5:30 - 8:30 PM on Thursdays evening's for a night of great music, shagging, and fun.  Sleeping Booty will head the first evening's entertainment.

Thursday Evenings, 5:30- 8:30 PM at Commerce Place. This location (this year) is between Friendly Ave. and Bellemeade St.

Tickets are $7.00 and can be purchased at the gate.  More info to come.

2015 Concert Lineup

May 21  Sleeping Booty 

May 28  The Embers

June 4 The Entertainers

June 11  Too Much Sylvia

June 18  Eric & the Chilltones

June 25  Liquid Pleasure

http://chsnc.org  (events)

  • June 7 is the annual Parisian Promenade In the beautiful Tanger Bicentennial Garden off of Hobbs St across from the Bog Garden. This events features music, art, and food and more including a dog parade.  Dress up with a Parisian flair. Part of Hobbs St. will be closed off for safe pedestrian traffic and you may use the short shuttle. The event is 12:00 - 5:00 PM.

www.greensborobeautiful.org  (events)

  • June begins Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park (MUSEP). An outdoor series featuring local bands in various Greensboro parks from June-Aug. The dates are not posted as of now but, I have heard that it's first location will be at Blandwood On June 7.  Keep posted.
  • June 20 GSO celebrates the 11th Summer Solstice at the Arboretum.  This fun event features music, art and crafts, food, other entertainment from 2:00 PM and iconcluding with a fire finale at 9:00PM.  Dress up, get your glitter on and come play. This is an excellent family event.


That is all the information I have for now of mentioned current events. I will post more info or any changes to any event happenings. Meanwhile more efforts are in progress for other events that GSOC members can rendezvous and have fun. 



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