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GSOC Silvercreek/Crescent Cup 2019 Blog
By David M Lippucci
Posted on 3/26/2019 8:31 PM


By David Lippucci—Race Director


     This is the final racer BLOG of the 2018-2019 CSC Race Series season.  I am proud of the GSOC team that focused hard to retain the cup but came in second to the Asheville club after three different results were offered due to CSC errors.  Anti-climactic after the Asheville team was awarded the cup, then Greensboro then finally Asheville, quite sad.  We will continue to focus more and more on developing our young racers and families and anyone else that wants to learn to race and have fun. 


     For the 8th year in a row, the CSC decided to run all races in one day.  Two runs of GS in the morning, then two runs of Slalom in the early afternoon.  It takes great athletes to become fit enough physically and mentally to compete.

     For GS, everyone ran in one division instead of 2 due to only 85 participants.  The 9:45 start offered overcast skies and temps in the high 20’s and no wind: Very nice conditions for all with a fast set even though the race slope width was narrow.  New snow from the day before was scraped away to rock hard grippy ice that gave almost everyone confidence carving turns.

     Starting at 1:20 for Slalom, conditions stayed the got warmer then colder at the end around 4:00.  The slalom course for all was really narrow and fast due to deteriorating conditions.  If you knew how to pump the flats, you were successful.

     Prizes were given out for podium winners in GS and Slalom.  Trophy’s were given out for combined times for GS and Slalom.


     SPECIAL NOTES:  David Lippucci came in third for most individual points during regular season.  Steve Shea and Mathew Smith came in third and second respectively for MIR (Most Improved Racer Award)


     Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third and combined time trophy at the Crescent Cup race March 9, 2019:


Jake Laroe—Second, flight 1 GS

David Lippucci—First, flight 2 GS and Slalom, First place combined time trophy

Doug Laroe—First, flight 3 Slalom

Dan Walsh—First, flight 4 GS and slalom, First place combined time trophy

Brooks Freeman—Second, flight 4 GS

Mathew Smith—Third, flight 4 Slalom

Steve Shea—First, flight 5 Slalom, Second overall combined trophy

Darren Smith—First flight 6 Slalom, First overall combined trophy

Scott Shea—Third, flight 6 GS, third place Slalom, second overall combined trophy

Sharon Horton—Third, flight 8 GS and slalom, first overall combined trophy