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GSOC Racer Blog Beech 2019
By David M Lippucci
Posted on 2/20/2019 6:13 PM

GSOC Racer Blog

By David Lippucci—Race Director


     The GSOC has earned the sole lead in the Eastern Division by 16 crushing points ahead of the Winston-Salem team after our fourth race at Beech Mountain February 9-10, 2019.  We look forward to the Sugar 2 race in two weeks to retain the soul crushing lead. 

     Saturday’s slalom offered fairly cold temps around 30 degrees with spotty sun.  Very challenging day due to snowmaking on Robins Run during our race!  We all glistened like your holiday turkey taken out of the freezer.  Division 2 started first with a short but sweet set and short run out.  No salt or chemicals made the course rut up where the warm, wet snowmaking laid its sticky cover.  Division 1 started an hour adding about 10 gates much more technical and rutty that benefited the tight line racer.  Poor visibility and “step” ruts.

     Sundays GS conditions mirrored Saturday but only warmer.  The snow guns stayed on until temps warmed up past 35 degrees about noon.  Clouds came in then fog and rain to make the last hour quite challenging.  For Division 1, a set between 18-20 meters between GS gates along with some fall away ruts favored tight line racers that love rough conditions.  Division 2 started nice then ended up in fog and rain.  Division 2 used some of Division 1’s track for a quick re-set.   


     Congratulations to the following GSOC racers who finished first, second or third at the Beech race February 9-10, 2019:


Jake Laroe—First, flight 1 Slalom, First GS

Will Spradling—Third, Flight 1 Slalom

Liz Beadle—Third, flight 3 Slalom

Mark Blakely—First, flight 3 Slalom

Tom Spradling—Second, flight 5 Slalom

Tim Smith—First, flight 6 Slalom

Dan Walsh—First, flight 7 Slalom and GS

Brooks Freeman—First, flight 9 GS

Mathew Smith—First, flight 11 GS

Steve Shea—First, flight 11 Slalom, second GS

Scott Shea—Second, flight 13 Slalom, First GS

Kilee Blakely—First, flight 13 Slalom

Greg Thomas—Third, flight 14 GS

Garreth Williams—Third, flight 15 slalom

Mitchel Freeman—Second, flight 18 slalom